Umbrellas are for Whimps




Umbrellas are for Whimps

Umbrellas are for Whimps Poems and illustrations by CamTan Ringel, aka CT within poetry circuits in London and Stockholm.

Etna-optpmize-150x150 Umbrellas are for Whimps‘Words are for sharing’ ‘Each word deserves to be heard’ she says in her poetry workshops.

‘You don’t have to understand poetry. You don’t even have to understand the person who wrote it. Just give it a chance to trigger your thinking that little bit extra. Some of us do not want to think. That is ok too; just read, absorb and see what happens.’

CT began writing at the age of nine, in Sweden, in English, so that no one would understand. It was a scary prospect baring yoursoul.As a single child, she found her sanctuary in the world of words. Poetry kept her alive and somewhat sane.

‘Poetry gave perspective, release, refuge and a lot of comfort.’

What’s with the title:Umbrellas are for Whimps.  Free downloadable Extract  ‘umbrellas are for whimps 

‘Simple’, she says: ‘We shield ourselves from the discomfort of being wet and cold whilst poking people’s eyes out. If we would dare to enjoy the rain as well as the sunshine, we might just dare seeing each other and ourselves the way we are meant to be seen (which is everyone’s guess but an exciting one.)’

What is the best thing that has happened poetry-wise for you?

‘Shaking hands with Princess Diana at ‘Southwark against drugs’ exhibition felt huge but also to see people develop their capacity to express themselves; grow their confidence – often despite potentially very difficult circumstances.’

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Publisher William Cornelius Harris Publishing
Published 1st July 2015
Language English
Pages 45
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