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Keith Robert Bray sign contract

Keith-Rober-Bray-225x300 Breaking NewsKeith Bray  third book title Art Squares Look and Stare is the follow up from his successful book The Mirrors of Thespis. Born in Withington Manchester in 1949. His father a Yorkshire man was a Printer and ‘Father of Chapel’ for the Printers Union and brought him up with strong socialist beliefs and a love and awareness of the power of language and literature.

From an early age he was encouraged by his mother and father in all aspects of creativity and the imagination.
His parents moved South to Sidcup in Kent when he was very young and was educated and raised in Southern England. Though his family still retained strong affinities to Northern England and from an early age he developed a deep love of the Pennines and its history. His father realised from an early age that Keith was musical and sent him to piano and cello lessons.
My third book of poems is a broad selection of themes and ideas written over the last two years. Some drawn from personal experience and direct observation while others more playful, fanciful, surreal; reflecting individual concerns more sociological than political. A mixed bag of assorted vignettes and anecdotes brought together under the collective title ‘Art squares look and stare’. A large majority of the poems are written and presented in traditional stanza form. A conscious decision made in order to tighten up the work to make the pieces concise, pithier and structurally more coherent.

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