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Japanese Tosa

Aldo sign contract with William Cornelius Publishing

Japanese-Tosa-1-225x300 Breaking NewsJapanese-Tosa-1-225x300 Breaking NewsJapanese Tosa is the first poetic collection by Aldo Quagliotti, a journey summing up ten years of ink experiments that accompany, like rock engravings, the evolution of the narrative style of a child in love with poetry in his nightly writing sessions, now a married man. An uncertain path, which begins in its heart of hearts: the eye of the reader, who will be able to find a personal glimmer of revenge, of hitting back, of desire for a challenge, between the folds of reasoning and emotional eclipses. A deep and lacerating desire for universal empathy that can fall from the sky like an angry downpour. Because if poetry has a claim, it is to pierce the chilling wall of indifference and to catch the heart unprepared when it needs to give it the brightest of embraces. He will then be able to bark out his ferocious desire to live, despite any wavering. Like that Japanese Tosa, a dog breed that nobody wants to take charge of, which continues to howl about its desire to wander around, in a world dominated by interpersonal immobility.




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