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George E Harris Signs Contract

optomize_4123-150x150 Breaking News‘And Then It Comes Blowing’ is a collection of works at the beginning of an exploration for George E Harris. The works can be read aloud as well as sung. At times they have been cut up, spliced and performed as a longer work. Some works are new and yet to be projected through a live setting. The early morning rises to engage in a working day prompted George to write and photograph, using the time of the journeys taken across the city of London. The writing began in forms of notes and phrases from observations and then after thoughts prompted by the photographs. The book covers a period in Georges writing since 2011 to the present day. ‘Steam Detective’ and ‘Odes To a 1940s Film Set’ are the earliest works with ‘Paradise Walk’, ‘City Am I’, ‘Vs in the Window’ and the title work being more recent pieces. George E Harris is a spoken word poet and exhibiting artist. He currently performs as a solo spoken word poet and also as part of a collective called Brother G and the Trouble. This was established as a partnership with Alison O’Melia alongside other guest performers using spoken word, sung voice, improvised and scored music using electronic gadgets, traditional instrumentation with field recordings.


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