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singing-optomize-contract--300x231 About UsWe love poetry in all forms, our goal is to promote performance poetry and to give opportunity to unheard voices, we hope to continue to offer a free publishing Service for our new poets.  Our performance platform is the third Friday of the month

our next event is Paper Tiger Poetry Friday 20th Oct 2017 continue third Friday of the months, where performance poets have the opportunity to be seen by our committee. If the committee feel they can work with you Jason Why will  offer you a book contract from William Cornelius Harris Publishing (W.C.H. Publishing) our goals to assist with 20 new books contract for our performance poets and open our first poetry book shop

We can only continue to offer a free service if you continue support us how ?   buying our books and attending our events

Picture from left to right Ernesto Sarezale , Jason Why, Nicky and Heather Sullivan


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