Life and Hope

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Life and Hope

Life and Hope. The war over a return to to full health. No more thought of death, or Suicide the battle waged it close but Hope winning, pushing despair out. Only joy and fulfilment fill the void. Happy thought the flags fly high all people celebrate the end of despair punched out by joy

This is my second poetry collection Life and Hope  i learn my craft from the street of London,  poetry circuit where i spent many happy hours talking , listening and drinking with London finest poets where i learn there secrets of poetry interestingly this all happen by accident i was invited to a creative writing workshop and each week it was poetry and i would always say when are we going to do creative writing one day they all answers poetry is creative writing at which point  i pruduce the flyer which read adventure story writing  follow by another big laugh. Life and Hope came to life following the successful completion of my first book Death Suicide Despair Poetry

Poem from Life and Hope

Who said it‘s hard? It‘s impossible to complete such tasks. More work, less staff. Who‘s making the decisions? I hear it loud: cuts, more cuts, more cuts.It‘s all psychological scaremongering.Those who have jobs want to keep them.Those who do not, want to find them. Suddenly there‘sgiant leaps of incomers from afar without work and all the time they say it benefits us all.

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ISBN 9781291834895
Edition First
Publisher William Cornelius Harris
Published 25 November 2014
Language English
Pages 33
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Black & white
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Dimensions (centimetres) 14.81 wide x 20.98 tall

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