Multicultural Book Fair

14th Sept 2024
Conway Hall Red Lion Square WC1

65-kb Multicultural Book Fair

This book fair is a fantastic celebration of diversity,
of voices and stories.. It’s an inspiration to see so many,
different cultures and perspectives represented on the shelves.

Evening event hosted by Joelle Taylor 7PM -10PM
Tea House Theatre SE11 5HL

Publishers and Booksellers

Arachne Press
Sidekick Books
Smokestack Books
Peepal Tree Press
Ignition Press
Black Spring Press Group
IF P Then Q
Polari Press
Room and books
Cherry Potts
A + B
Paekakariki press
Cheerio Publishing
Power Mouth
Assemblage Collective
Rebecca Ronane

Jasmine Kahlia
Tosin Akomolafe
Elida Silvey
Boukman Academy
Etrusscam Press
Cckriolas Publishers
Peter’s Bookshop
The Poetry Translation Centre
David Lee Morgan
Prototype Press
Henningham Family Press
Shearsman Books
Aurora Metro Books
Romancer Books
David Simon
Canary Ryland
London Poets

Free Tickets

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South London Books

We are pleased to support the Multicultural Book Fair and will be taking part in the Brockway Room with Publishers attending the fair. Steve Tasane and Hannah Stanislaus, will be reading, representing South London Books.
Joelle Tayor will be the voice of William C Harris Publishing, reading and hosting the Paper Tiger Poetry evening show.

South London Books

1_ignition_press_colour_logo_large-1024x329 Multicultural Book Fair

Ignition Press is based at the Oxford Brookes Poetry CentreSchool of Education, Humanities, and Languages, Oxford Brookes University, Headington Campus, Tonge Building, OX3 0BP

Ingnition Press

ABP-USE Multicultural Book Fair

Allardyce, Barnett, Publishers

Allardyce, Barnett, Publishers / Snow lit rev

Biographies of African American musicians, in particular violinist-related, and associated AB Fable CDs; poetry and prose, including translations; and the multi-cultural literature, arts and music review Snow lit rev — further info at and and

logo-2022-1024x273 Multicultural Book Fair


if p then q is a small press publisher of experimental poetry edited by James Davies, founded in 2008. The press publishes important collections by ground-breaking poets such as P. Inman, Holly Pester and Tom Jenks; recent collections have included works by Peter Jaeger and Maggie O’Sullivan. The poetry published we publish is exciting and provides opportunities for deep thinking through play.


Black72ppi Multicultural Book Fair

Neem Tree Press

Neem Tree Press is a London-based independent publisher of multicultural books that change and broaden perspectives. We collaborate with an eclectic group of British and international authors, illustrators, and designers. We were recently awarded an English PEN grant, a prestigious literary award for translated fiction, and we were shortlisted for the IPG’s Diversity and Inclusivity Award in 2023.

Neem Tree Press

Colossive-Press Multicultural Book Fair

Colossive Press

Based in Penge, South London, Colossive Press publishes an eclectic and ever-expanding range of books, comics and zines. Titles include the critically acclaimed Colossive Cartographies series, street art and London photography books by the late, great Gordon Gibbens and A. Wolfgang Crowe’s graphic memoir Fractures, as well as zines about ghosts, grief, cats, football and Croydon Spaceport.

Colossive Press

Pushkin-House Multicultural Book Fair

Pushkin House Bookshop

Pushkin House Bookshop is an independent bookshop in London specialising in culture, history, politics, literature and visual arts from Russia, the Soviet Union and Russian Empire. We work with publishers large and small to bring you the broadest range of titles: poetry and politics, cookbooks and children’s books, niche academic titles, limited-edition zines, and literature from across the region.

Pushkin House Bookshop

Polari-Press-2022-collection-ordered-1024x655 Multicultural Book Fair

Polari Press

Taking their name from the secret gay slang Polari, popular in the mid-1900s, Polari Press is an independent publishing house that seeks out hidden voices and helps them be heard. Although Polari was spoken predominantly by gay and bisexual men, the nature of clandestine meetings of the era when homosexuality was still criminalised, brought together people from all walks of life who all had an influence on the language. Cockney, Romany, and Italian languages mixed with the colloquialisms of thespians, circus performers, wrestlers, sailors, and wider criminal communities to create a slang to express their sexuality secretly and safely. Inspired by these origins, they publish queer and marginalised voices, to share a diverse range of queer perspectives.
Polari Press

smokestack-logo-8-1 Multicultural Book Fair

Smokestack Books

Smokestack Books aims to keep open a space for what is left of the radical poetic tradition in the twenty-first century. Smokestack champions poets who are unfashionable, radical, left-field and working a long way from the metropolitan centres of cultural authority; believes that poetry is a part of and not apart from society; argues that if poetry does not belong to everyone it is not poetry.

Smokestack Books

peepal_light-icon-1 Multicultural Book Fair



Peepal Tree Press

Peepal Tree Press is an independent publisher of Caribbean and Black British writing. Founded in 1985, it publishes around 15 books a year and has released over 400 titles. Prize highlights include the Costa Novel and Book of the Year Awards for The Mermaid of Black Conch by Monique Roffey and the T.S. Eliot Prize, for Roger Robinson’s A Portable Paradise.

Peepal Tree Press

shareman-books-1 Multicultural Book Fair

Shearsman Books

Shearsman Books is an independent publisher of poetry based in Oxfordshire, issuing up to 50 titles per annum. The press publishes a magazine, books by writers from around the world, and has the largest poetry translation list in the country.

Shearsman Books

REBECCA Multicultural Book Fair

Rebecca Ronane

Age does not need to define or limit you.
My book Forward After 50, The Rising Reinventors, is about how to reframe our mindsets around ageing.
It’s for women over forty who question, ‘What’s Next’? 
After reading this book, you will realise that age is not an excuse to stop everything. It’s a place to start something new and exciting.

Rebecca Ronane
Forward After Fifty

jasmine-kahlia7-1 Multicultural Book Fair

Jasmine Kahlia

Jasmine Kahlia is an Acclaimed Audiovisual Artist, with work showcased regionally in the UK, and internationally in Spain, Germany and USA.Jasmine works across around 19 different artforms to bring their work to life.These include: Film-making, Music Production and Sound Design, Illustration, Creative Writing, Prose and Poetry, Textile Work and much more

Jasmine Kahlia

use-2 Multicultural Book Fair

Book Fair 2024

Glena Oyiadjo

Author and life speaker Glena showcases her self help motivatio

prototypejw-use11-2 Multicultural Book Fair


Prototype is a publisher of fiction, poetry, anthologies and interdisciplinary projects. With an emphasis on producing unique and beautiful books, we are committed to championing the work of new voices in free-form contemporary literature. Through the discovery of high quality work across genres, Prototype strives to increase audiences for experimental writing, as the home for writers and artists whose work requires a creative vision not offered by mainstream literary publis


used21 Multicultural Book Fair

The Poetry Translation Centre’s

The Poetry Translation Centre’s World Poet Series has made available to an English audience some of the most exciting contemporary voices from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. In addition to bringing out newly commissioned translations each year, the series includes reissued classic chapbooks from the PTC’s back-catalogue in expanded editions and with new translations. 

The Poerty Translation Centre

rsw_984use Multicultural Book Fair

Tosin Akomolafe

Tosin Akomolafe is the author of Father-Time Continuum; his debut novel. The book is a coming-of-age story about a boy, who learns what it means to become a father from his Grandfather, Father, Stepfather, and Uncle until he becomes a father. It is a book that celebrates Black fatherhood, while never shying away from difficult conversations.

Tosin Akomolafe

cleardot Multicultural Book Fair

david-lee-morganuse Multicultural Book Fair

David Lee Morgan

My friend, Jason Why, of South London Poetry books has organised a MultiCulture Book fair at the ever-cool Conway Hall for Saturday, Sept 14, 2024.

Tables are cheap and a great way to promote your publications – and support a vibrant spoken word poetry scene. (cc’d Jason so you can contact him directly).

I’m taking out a full table for my new publishing enterprise, Bidrohi Books, but would gladly share the table with any of you. 

David Lee Morgan

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