in the name of the flesh




in the name of the flesh

in the name of the flesh. This book is the union of two overlapping sets of poems. One set includes all the poems that were performed by Ernesto Sarezale in his critically acclaimed one-man show In the Name of the Flesh, premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2010. The other set includes poems by Ernesto Sarezale that have been published in a variety of outlets. Whether part of the show or not, all poems in this collection were written “in the name of the flesh”. 
Ernesto Sarezale is the penname of a Basque cognitive scientist, poet, multimedia performer and video artist living in London. Ernesto’s “erotic magic realism” has been tipped as “Dali-esque”, “refreshingly surreal and slightly unsettling”, “gently confrontational”, “darkly humorous”… Ernesto is currently the promoter of London’s quarterly erotic literary soirée Velvet Tongue.

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 I Told You:
 “Don’t you realise, I say,
that the scratches on your ankles
are the imprint  of your pulse,
a cardiogram, the completion of a track
from your heart to your intestines,
from your rectum to my fist,
from my elbow to my torso,
from my heart to my left hand,
and from my nails to your skin?”

Product Details

ISBN 9781291995480
 Copyright Ernesto Sarezale (Standard Copyright Licence)
Edition first edition
Publisher William Cornelius Harris
Published 24 October 2014
Language English
Pages 40
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Black & white

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