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Four books The Project is our way of supporting unheard voice, making dreams come true, we ernesto-bc-optomize-NEW-232x300 Four Booksprovide all the skills to published your book from start to finish. Four Book idea to use performing Arts for our well beaning, poetry has the ability to express all human feeling from hate to deep sincere love are express in our authors,  idea and thoughts resonate available to wide audience.  aim is to publish performance poets who could not find a publisher, title Joy, fear and F–k It, In the name of the flesh, Pocket full of Whispers and Sibling Ribaldries ! Rather Rude Rhynes our authors come from Second Chance performance platform. Events  now call Paper Tiger Poetry, Performance poets are invite to join and is now open to other genres like crime store’s it free for invited authors. Provide opportunity to be published for Survivor of life stress, Mental Health, Autism all with a unique style and experience. Out come pride, joy and a big smile a real sense of self worth. All our authors can be order from all good  stores. Support the Project four books for £40.00.

our book can be found on South London Books


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