Probably the Secret Police and Other Slices




Probably The Secret Police and Other Slices

Probably the Secret Police and Other Slices this collection brings together pieces that writer and performer Nick Eisen has toured over his years on the performance circuit. From the frenetic comedy of the daily commute to confrontations with self-assembly furniture to love, lost, won, experienced and reflected upon, Nick peers behind the curtain of the everyday at what lies beyond.

What others have said about Nick’s work

“… breathtaking…” Fringe Report

“… sparkling… searching…” The Stage

“… surreal and darkly comic…” Rose Bruford College

“… uses the space magnificently… There are more ideas here than you’ll get in half a dozen West End shows… superior material…” Time Out
“… strong voice and even stronger words…” The Big Issue

“… his… personas reveal the flip side of the flip side.” Apples and Snakes

Other work: from 1997-2002 Nick was Programmer at the Man In The Moon Theatre in Chelsea, which staged his play Icarus Rising, and where he did occasional stints as the “Emergency Poet” to cover unexpectedly vacant revue slots. Nick also works as a journalist. Nick book can be found on South London Books

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Product Details

ISBN 9781911232049
Edition first
Publisher William Cornelius Harris Publishing
Published 21 February 2017
Language English
Pages 44
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Black & white
Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions (centimetres) 14.81 wide x 20.98 tall

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