Ernie Burns

opptpmize-WhenLondon1-225x300 Ernie BurnsWhen London Finally Gave in and Started to Love is my first collect. Finally the fantastic performance poet Ernie Burns has penned his poems so we can carry him around in our pockets! This collection  is a superb distillation of five years of his writing; full of what Ernie writes best about, the heart! It’s texts are grubby with the sardonic soot of London’s glaucous city smog and an absolute spark of a poem entitled ‘Little Ember’ scatters light upon the cobbled streets.


                                                Poem from By Ernie Burns

                                                                                                           Bad Day

Bad Day This is a “worse” day It holds “worse” for me And I fear more “worse” Is bound to appear Because “worse” is a curse That scares my “Okay” Muscles it out and packs it away It is going to be a terrible day

Because “worse” is a bad listener It does not care When I say In a stern admonishing tone “Bad day bad!”…It runs off Making people think I am mad Talking to a day like that And all I will get today is “Worse”So, how I will feel today is bad. free down load extract from the book.

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ISBN 9781291977066
Edition First
Publisher William Cornelius Harris
Published 07 December 2014
Language English
Pages 52
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Black & white
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